RFWDC Cooper Scene Controller

I just got the cooper scene controller working the way I want. The device now sends on/off for each button. Then rules will dictate what happens next. I didn’t see this anywhere, so here is the item configuration:

Switch Button1 "Scene1" (Scene_Controllers) { zwave="54:command=SCENE_ACTIVATION,scene=1,state=0,respond_to_basic=TRUE" }
Switch Button2 "Scene2" (Scene_Controllers) { zwave="54:command=SCENE_ACTIVATION,scene=2,state=0,respond_to_basic=TRUE" }
Switch Button3 "Scene3" (Scene_Controllers) { zwave="54:command=SCENE_ACTIVATION,scene=3,state=0,respond_to_basic=TRUE" }
Switch Button4 "Scene4" (Scene_Controllers) { zwave="54:command=SCENE_ACTIVATION,scene=4,state=0,respond_to_basic=TRUE" }
Switch Button5 "Scene5" (Scene_Controllers) { zwave="54:command=SCENE_ACTIVATION,scene=5,state=0,respond_to_basic=TRUE" }

As of right now, you’ll need the newest zwave binding from cloudbees. I think Chris recently added this device.

What would be great is if I could toggle each button in openhab and have it reflect on the device. Right now it does not send anything back to the device. Any ideas?

I’m trying to get an Enerwave ZWN-SC7 Z-Wave 7 Button Scene Controller working

I have the device added to the zwave database, but I haven’t figured out how to create items that respond to button presses. I tried copying your items definitions, but they do not work for my scene controller

can you provide any advice on how to create correct item definitions?

would this device work the same as yours? It is listed as RFWC5AW. I wasn’t able to find any for sale listed as RFWDC…

So regretful I didn’t step in earlier.
I bought 5- $75 5 button scene control keypads.
Cooper advertises >" Aspire RF products are compatible with any Z-Wave certified device. This interoperability with other manufacturers’ devices provides maximum exibility and expandability."
I soon discovered otherwise.
The bummer is the whole house I’m trying to upgrade has an array of X10 switches in the attic and is hugely dependent on 6 - 4 button X10 controls fed by 2 wires + ground.
I can’t find an alternative & more dynamic hub/control that will address this 5 button control & the Cooper Aspire control doesn’t address several other devices I already own.

So am I stuck with the only control I can find offering 4+ button control.

any directives will be immensely appreciated.
I’m ignorant of the tools nessecary to overcome my dilemma.
An AEOTEC z_stick bound to Indigo 6, Vera controller or some way to tie into Filemaker would be Awesome .

the Cooper devices are not compatible with X10 on their own, they don’t talk the same language. you need something like OpenHAB to take the Zwave signal in, apply logic, and then output X10 to control your devices.

There has been some difficulty getting the Cooper controllers to talk to OpenHAB, but that seems to be a separate issue from what you are looking to accomplish.

Thanks to Howartp pointing me to “zwavescenecontroller.indigoplugin” I’m getting so close but need clarification about how to correctly Manage Associations ?
The RFWDC is clearly recognized. (Group 1-5) as buttons with the sixth button apparently defaulting to (255) as ALL OFF
With Manage Associations I get a dialog as follows
but when I actuate ( group 1) of KS5 I see no log recording or device response ?
Modifying Configuration parameters dialog is a bit intimidating and I don’t know what to enter in Parameter Index and beyond.
what to read ? where to go from here.
The plug in also allowed for the first time recognition of both relays within a ZWN-RSM2 :thumbsup:
labeled R1 & R2