RFX binding - does it support rolling code 52 bit FLOR

Hi guys, we’ve recently installed a opening flat roof window. the control is wireless made by a company called ‘Nice’. The specific model is a ‘Mindy’. The spec sheet says it uses ‘rolling code 52 bit FLOR’. is this supported on the RFX binding?

Has anyone heard of, or integrated any Nice kit into their HA?


I’m guessing this hasn’t been heard of before…


Have checked rfxcom manual if that Nice/Mindy is mention in supported device list? If not, then you should ask directly from rfxcom if “rolling code 52 bit FLOR” is somehow supported. Beware that rfxcom company doesn’t know anything about the openhab or rfxcom binding, so you question should more generic, like “does rfxcom controller (e.g. RFXtrx433E) support Nice/Mindy devices which use ‘rolling code 52 bit FLOR’ coding” or so.

RFXCOM controller hide all RF communication staff from the openhab/rfxcom binding. If you get answer from rfxcom, and which application message type is used. Then we can say, if it’s supported by the rfxcom binding or not.

Thanks very much for your response. I shall email them directly now :grin:

I’m curious… did you get a reply or find another solution for this?
I have a set of rollershutters from Nice with the same sender/receiver specs and trying to find a solution :smiley:

Hi, i havent done anything with this :frowning:

any news or solution on this?
I’m using the same equipment and trying to implement in rfxcom

For a different approach, does the controller include provision for wired pushbutton control? Many technologies available to openHAB can give a couple of relay outputs to emulate pushbuttons.

Only radio (remote) control is given.

I was curious enough to look at four different Mindy manuals here, all have provision for wired control. Maybe there are other models.