RFXCom and undecoded messages

I’ve set up RFXCom on my openhab1 installation, its working for some of my thermometers but not others.

In RXMngr I can see “undecoded RF messages”, when the option is set.

2016-01-20 21:08:19
Packettype = UNDECODED RF Message

but when I move the RFXCom to the openhab machine (ubuntu) it says the option is not set:

21:06:23.353 [DEBUG] [.b.r.internal.RFXComConnection:148 ] - Data received:
Raw data = 0D0100010253F80000270001031C

  • Packet type = INTERFACE_MESSAGE
  • Seq number = 1
  • Command = GET_STATUS
  • Transceiver type = _443_92MHZ_TRANSCEIVER
  • Firmware version = -8
  • Hardware version = 0.1
  • Undecoded packets = false
  • RFU6 packets = false

I have not set rfxcom:setMode=

Any ideas on how I can update the config to allow the undecoded messages?
And also, if it reports the undecoded messages can openhab decode these?


Hi Johane,
Openhab only supports decoded messages by the RFXCOM receiver. If RFXCOM receiver is not able to decoded them, it can be due to a wrong configuration (did you check the support of this type of product in RFXMngr ?), a bad link between the 2 antenna or an unsupported message type. In the last case please refer to RFXCOM directly. They are quite reactive to support new sensors.


Thanks for your reply Damien!

The OREGON3 doesnt seem to be supported by RFX unfortunately, but I’ll email them some logs etc and hopefully they can implement the sensor.
Its quite an old one, I’ve had it for years. Bought them at Clas Ohlson ( http://www.clasohlson.com/uk/Temperature-Sensor-Hygrometer/36-1797 ) and they worked well with telldus duo.

Thanks again!