RFXCom and Z-wave switching

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: RPi3

    • OS: Openhabian

    • openHAB version: Just installed so I assume latest

Hi All
I’m very new to OpenHab and I am struggling to set up a link between a Fibaro Dimmer, RFXCom and a KR22 keyfob switch which talks to the RFXcom. So far I have the RFXcom working well and I have managed to get the A1 switch on the KR22 talking to OpenHAB via the RFXCom receiver. In fact if I go into the Paper UI I have a switch on the control page that the KR22 changes the state from OFF to ON and vice versa.
I have the Fibaro Dimmer also set up and linked to the Paper UI switch such that when I click on the Paper UI switch the Fibaro Dimmer turns on and off. So far so good.
But when I use the KR22 to make the switch I find that the switch on the Paper UI does change state but the Fibaro Dimmer does not. So why is the Paper UI switch state connected to the Fibaro Dimmer when I click on the Paper UI switch, but not when I activate the Paper UI switch via the KR22
keyfob ?
Thanks, Tim

I finally got it working but it seems a bit crazy.
I have an item called ZWaveWallLight_Switch . When I send the RFXCom signal from a KR22 keyfob to the linked thing rfxcom:lighting1:cb6f1901:A_1 it correctly on the UI switches the ZWaveWallLight_Switch off or on. However it was not switching the linked Z-Wave dimmer off or on. So I created a rule that says when the ZWaveWallLight_Switch switches on then switch on the ZWaveWallLight_Switch . That then switched the Z-wave dimmer. It seems crazy that I have to write a rule such that a switch switches itself to get this to work !