RFXCOM Binding 2.0 - Brennenstuhl - Lighting4 - How to find out the device ID?

Dear all,

for christmas i want to couple my old Brennenstuhl 433 MHz switches with oH2 and bought a RFXCOM transceiver.

The binding works great and its no problem to detect the actions with the remote as new things.

When i now tried to switch the radio plug via Paper UI i got this entry in the log:
[ERROR] [binding.rfxcom.handler.RFXComHandler] - Transmitting error: Invalid device id '1393925'

Is there an easy way to find out the device ID over the system code?

Take a look at the Tinkerforge website, they have a good explanation:


So in your example picture the housecode is 11100 equals 7 decimal (least significant bit first)
The receiver code is 10000 equals 1 decimal (again, least significant bit first).

I don’t use the RFXCOM binding so cannot tell you how to adapt that to the device id config, BUT:

Read this section and you should be able to find the device id by the help of the binding:

Thanks for your reply, i checked this pages last week but i’ll still don’t understand it :confused:

Maybe @pauli_anttila can help to get from the binary dip-switches to the decimal device id:

My first 4 plugs are configured:

12345 ABCDE Device ID?
10000 10000
10000 01000
10000 00100
10000 00010

I’ll tried the User-Guide, but even i don’t understand the Logic: http://www.rfxcom.com/WebRoot/StoreNL2/Shops/78165469/MediaGallery/Downloads/RFXtrx_User_Guide.pdf

From the examples section on page 28 in your linked pdf I would assume for your first switch:

Housecode 1000 goes to “I” and
Receivercode 010000 goes to "5"
so it should be I5
But it’s just a guess, I cannot check it because I use Tinkerforge hardware …

I know this from calculating DMX512-Values :wink: But i don’t know the correlation between the 10 DIP-Switches of my Brennenstuhl plug and the device ID for the Lightning4 Code of the RFXCOM-Binding:


12345|ABCDE|Device ID?

So there must be some extra bits, because the detected ID from my remote is 1393925.

Okay, I see … from looking into the manual it really seems a little bit complicated … I’ll stick to my TF hardware, it’s easier to config :slight_smile:

You’re right :wink: Meanwhile i found out that there must be on bit more, for the command ON and OFF on the remote.