Rfxcom binding for ener002 sockets

I have discovered that I cannot get Energenie Ener002 devices to operate correctly using the RFXCOM binding because Lighting4 assumes the id is 20 bits and the command is 4 bits. Using rfxmngr in Windows I proved that the id is actually 23 bits because bits 21,22,23 are the unit number and the on/off is the final bit. So the current binding will work for switching ON if bits 21,22,23 are left = 0 but fails to switch off because the OFF command is a value of 4 which changes the unit of the socket. The problem would be easily fixed if an option existed to signal to lighting4 that this is a 23/1 rather than a 20/4 as the encodedata and decode data would only require small changes. I am a newcomer to openhab so my apologies if this has been resolved already by some other means in openhab.