RFXCOM error when running scan

Running OH2 #719 on Widows 10 and get the following error when I try to run scan from Paper UI:

2017-01-15 19:38:59.058 [ERROR] [rnal.discovery.RFXComBridgeDiscovery] - Error occurred when trying to load native library for OS ‘Windows 10’ version ‘10.0’, processor 'x86’
java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: C:\openhab-2.0.0-SNAPSHOT\userdata\tmp\jd2xx8671914890323252137.dll: Det går inte att hitta den angivna proceduren.

And then there lot of more rows with error descriptions.

The binding seems to work during normal “use”

Hi Hope all is well. Did you manage to fix this?