RFXCom Lighting1 Chime unsupported / Lighting1 group on / off behavior

Recently I bought an RFXCom module and I have a KaKu / CoCo doorbell which uses the lighting1 protocol. The code suggest that it supports the chime command via the Lighting1 protocol, however there is tiny bug, the result is that it is currently not supported.

See: https://github.com/openhab/openhab/issues/4615

I can fix this but I do not own any devices working via the Lighting1 protocol, supporting group_on / group_off command. And the fix is not backwards compatible with the current implemtation for either incomming group commands or outgoing group commands. So I hope that the incomming or outgoing group commands are also broken at this moment.

What I need is the following, I added a test to the RFXCom test module which tests the handling of certain messages but I lack group messages, if someone can give me correct RFXcom group messages I can validate the patch i made.

An example of such log is:

2016-08-30 15:26:44.334 [DEBUG] [.b.r.internal.RFXComConnection] - Data received:
Raw data = 0710015242080780

Packet type = LIGHTING1
Seq number = 82
Sub type = ARC
Id = B
Unit code = 8
Command = UNKNOWN
Signal level = 8

Thank you very much!

I fixed this problem and some similar problems.

And also added a lot of extra tests based on the existing the rfxcom test project.

There is a pull request for this, if someone can take look or wants to test drive that would be great. I am now test driving for a day with a light1, light2 and some temperature sensors from the neighbours.