[rfxcom] Problem with Temperature-Sensors automatically found in PaperUI


ich cannot find any solution. I have a rfcom device and can caontrol my shutter sucessfull. Now i want to integratte my Temperaturesensors, which are found in Paperui. I can see the things and tthe values.
Butt if i want to create thing or ittem manually, i gettt no values.

Thank you for your help in advance,.

I created these items via OpenHab addon in visual code. But they do nott work.

Number StubeTemperature “Temperature” {channel=“rfxcom:temperaturehumidity:usb0:49155:temperature”}

Number StubeHumidity “Humidity” {channel=“rfxcom:temperaturehumidity:usb0:49155:humidity”}

Number TerrasseTemperature “Temperature” {channel=“rfxcom:temperaturehumidity:usb0:43010:temperature”}

Number TerrasseHumidity “Humidity” {channel=“rfxcom:temperaturehumidity:usb0:43010:humidity”}

Number HinterhofTemperature “Temperature” {channel=“rfxcom:temperaturehumidity:usb0:21505:temperature”}

Number HinterhofHumidity “Humidity” {channel=“rfxcom:temperaturehumidity:usb0:21505:humidity”}

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If you found them already on PaperUI and you can already see values on PaperUI thing AND items are already created (do you have Simple Mode set to ON?).

For the items you posted, where did you get the channel syntax from? PaperUI would show the correct one even with a button to copy it.

What is the simple mode? Did i overlooked something?

I can see the Details in the Edit-Option of the Thing in the PaperUI. The syntax is from the openhab-Plugin for Visual Code IDE.

Simple mode is on per default.

A look into the Documentation will help.

If you have it on ALL channles are AUTOMATICALLY linked to items already!

As you can see, i already wrote that simple mode is activated. Nevertheless it is not the solution of my problem.
It seems to be the same prolbem like tthis: RFXCOM OpenHAB2 binding textual configuration help

I solved this problem with a workaround: every values of the rfxcom transceiver are relayed to node red and there to MQTT. tadaaaa…it works :wink:

This will have automatically created Items with long unhelpful names.
These are the Items you were looking at in PaperUI.
These are the Items that you should have put in your sitemap, not your manually created ones.

If you have the skills to do this, you should turn Simple Mode off.

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