RFXCOM support for TFA Rain Sensor

I recently bought the RFXCOM supported TFA Rainsensor. Also sold as TFA Dostmann DROP 30.3233 via various sellers. This one is quite similar to the RAIN3 (TFA subtype), but has a subtype of 9, causing OH to drop its messages.

Do I have to wait for support in the RFXCOM bindings or is there a trick to get the rain data in another way?

Decoding with Hideki on an RFXtrx433E frimware 1043:

9-9-2020 08:02:33:311= 0B5509033D2600000000D779
Packettype = RAIN
subtype = RAIN9 - TFA 30.3233.01
Sequence nbr = 3
ID = 3D26 decimal:15654
Flip count = 215
Total rain = 54,61 mm
Signal level = 7 -64dBm
Battery = OK