RFXCOM Support request for Lucci Air fans

Hi, just mounted an Lucci Air fan on my ceiling at home (https://www.beaconlighting-europe.com/product-category/lucci-air-deckenventilatoren/. I bought this product, since it was recently added to the support list of RFXCOM. However, now I discovered that that Lucci Air protocols (Fan LucciAir, Fan LucciAir DC, Fan LucciAir DCII) are not supported by the RFXCOM add-on (I am especially interested for the Fan LucciAir DC protocoll).
Is there any chance/are there any plans to add support for these fans in the near future? Not many fans around that can be controlled by OpenHAB directly at the moment…
Or another idea, since I need the LucciAir Protocolls just for transmitting signals: is there a way to access the RFXCOM module directly from Openhab or what do you think about a kind of generic device, which allows to access a specific RFXCOM protocol?

Cheers, Gerald