Rfxcom unable to send rawmessage

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I have set up RFXCom on my openhab2 (openhabian) installation and its working perfectly, I mean, it send successfully commands to my equipments (ex: my Somfy RTS roller shutter, chacon plugs…).
I want now to manage my Novy hood with OH2. I dont find any binding for that but I’m able to observe undecoded messages in log when i press a button on the remote.

Is it possible to replay those undecoded messages (like the rfxcom manager on windows) ?
Generally speaking, how to send rawmessage with rfxcom ?

Here is my things configuration :

Bridge rfxcom:bridge:rfxcom433 [ serialPort="/dev/ttyUSB0", ignoreConfig=true, enableUndecoded=true]
    Thing rfy RS_Kitchen [ deviceId="45ED7F.3", subType="RFY" ]
    ... lot of things ...
    Thing undecoded UndecodedRfxcom433

My items

Switch FF_Kitchen_Hood "Hood"
String UndecodedMessage "Undecoded message" {channel="rfxcom:rfy:rfxcom433:UndecodedRfxcom433:rawPayload" }

My rules

rule "FF_Kitchen_Hood"
    Item FF_Kitchen_Hood received command
    UndecodedMessage.sendCommand('507F001201016D0 ... a lot of HEX DATA ... 1901430000')

But nothing happen, I think no commands are send because not even the rfxcom leds are blinking.

Thanks for you help !