RFXCOM with nanoCUL always offline

I have problems in detecting other sensors with my nanoCUL on my RPI3 with OH2. The bridge is always offline and i have probably every hint here in the forum tried unsucessfull:

  • openhab is member in group dialout
  • i have changed the udev/rules.d because a zwave stick is also plugged
  • rfxcom thing added manually or with PaperUI

So after one frustrating week in trying i bet for THE important hint, how i can connect OH2 with my RF433-PIR sensors.

Thx for all

To use the RFXCOM Binding you need an RFXCOM transciever:

It will not work with a generic nanoCUL

To detect 433MHz devices (I only have a few left from my early beginnings in Home Automation - They are too unreliable) I use RFLink : http://www.rflink.nl/blog2/

It also read a temperature sensor in the garden and the neighbour’s weather station!