Rfxtrx & Somfy blinds weirdness

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: RPi 4
    • OS: Raspbian Bullseye
    • openHAB version:3.3.0

Hi folks

Have a bit of a weird issue. Had some new Somfy blinds installed. Theses are in addition to 2 Somfy blinds i already have.

I used RFX manager software on Windows to create unique codes for each blind and set them up in OH. That all went fine, can put them all up and down now perfectly.

The weirdness is, my 2 original blinds that are setup 4 years somehow appear to be “linked” to 2 of the new ones i setup, so now, when “old blind 1” goes down, so does “new blind 1” . Same deal with old 2 and new 2.

I deleted the Things i created for New1 and New2, thinking maybe i had given them the same codes as the 2 old ones and created the codes again. No dice, that linkage appears to remain. Anyone come across this before? Any thoughts as to how this could happen, logically?


If two blinds go down, even only one is supposed to go down the big question is, if this behavior is because of openhab misconfiguration or because of somfy misconfigured?

Maybe start with looking into & sharing log files to understand a bit better what is happening.

If old blind 1 goes down and this will also trigger new blind 1, is it also vice versa, that if you close new blind 1, that also old blind 1 goes down (are they linked in both ways or is it just one way?)?

What about your item and thing definition? Any chance that you can have duplicates?

Whatever is done with “Old Blind 1” (OB1) also happens with “New Blind 1” (NB1), Up or Down, they mirror each others behaviour.

Likewise with OB2 and NB2.

Thing definitions appear to be unique, as do items defs. Guess i could try turning in debug logging to see if it tells me something (default logs dont give any hints)

You may have two different Things, but perhaps you have connected their respective Channels to the same Item?

i.e. Thing1=>Channel1=>Item1=>Channel2=>Thing2

EDIT: or (analogous to the above) you may have both Items in the same Group

Did you remember to disconnect power from all the blinds that you were not linking? i.e you have to use RFX Manager to create the code for Blind 1 but then Blind 2,3,4 must all be powered off. Possibly they were all listening when you pushed the code? Also you can list the remotes in RFX Manager which might help diagnose. Do both sets respond when using the Somfy remotes? or just when using OH + RFXCom?

I did not turn off any other blinds when i was doing this.

The first pair of original blinds are indeed mains-power connected, all of the new ones are battery operated.

Still haven’t figured it out, however, some more info, if an open/close is triggered on either of the original blinds it triggers a similar action on 2 of the “new” blinds but if i trigger an open/close on KitchenBlind1 or KitchenBlind2 the “original/old” blinds are not affected.

Is all the funny business only when you use OH or also the somfy remotes? Maybe Delete all the remotes / codes in RFX Manager and start fresh but as per the document, you need to have no power to any blind not being paried.

To pair the Somfy RTS device:
• Select a unique ID and unitcode for the RFXCOM RFY device.
• Disconnect power from all Somfy RTS devices except the device to pair.
• Press the Program button > 2 seconds on the original Somfy remote until the Somfy device
• Transmit a Program command with the RFXtrx433E/RFXtrx433XL. The Somfy RTS device
should respond indicating the pair command was successful.

Thats a good option to try out, thanks for the tip!

Argh! Still no joy. I powered off the supply to the 2 electric Somfy Blinds at the front of the house. Deleted the Items and Things in OH3 of the 2 Kitchen Blinds.

Re-programmed the 2 Kitchen Blinds with different codes in RFXMngr (power still off on the 2 electric front blinds). Created new Things and Items for the newly programmed Kitchen Blinds, tested them in OH3, where they respond just fine.

Powered back on the supply to the 2 electric front blinds. Still the same, trigger Front Blind 1 down, Kitchen Blind 1 goes down, trigger Front Blind 2 down, Kitchen Blind 2 goes down.

Ended up re-programming the 2 electric RTS blinds (am able to do it with my eyes closed at this point!). Everything appears to be acting independently now (as it should be).