RGB Strip control

I have made a mysensors 3D dimmer. Than following information found on the forum i made the following. But doesn’t seem to work although manual control works

#mosquitto_pub -t mygateway1-in/99/6/1/0/3 -m "100"

Than in the openhab.log i see
2016-05-14 16:39:08.487 [INFO ] [enhab.model.script.s_RGB_light] - Values28;65;13

Group BED_RGB "Nachtlicht" Color s_RGB_light "Nachtlicht" <slider> (BED_RGB) Dimmer s_RGB_light_R "Red [%d %%]" <switch> (BED_RGB) {mqtt=">[mymosquitto:mygateway1-in/99/3/1/0/3:command:*:default]"} Dimmer s_RGB_light_G "Green [%d %%]" <switch> (BED_RGB) {mqtt=">[mymosquitto:mygateway1-in/99/5/1/0/3:command:*:default]"} Dimmer s_RGB_light_B "Blue [%d %%]" <switch> (BED_RGB) {mqtt=">[mymosquitto:mygateway1-in/99/6/1/0/3:command:*:default]"}
And than the Rule


import org.openhab.core.library.types.*
var HSBType hsbValue
var int redValue
var int greenValue
var int blueValue
var String RGBvalues

rule "Set s_RGB_light value"
   Item s_RGB_light changed
   hsbValue = s_RGB_light.state as HSBType

   redValue = hsbValue.red.intValue
   greenValue = hsbValue.green.intValue
   blueValue = hsbValue.blue.intValue

   postUpdate(s_RGB_light_R, redValue)
   postUpdate(s_RGB_light_G, greenValue)
   postUpdate(s_RGB_light_B, blueValue)

   RGBvalues= "Values" + redValue.toString + ";" + greenValue.toString + ";" + blueValue.toString
   logInfo( "s_RGB_light", RGBvalues )



I added the 3 R G B sliders to the sitemap.
I can see that when i change the values on the color wheel the sliders get set to the correct position. But no command is being sent out unless i touch the sliders by myself…

If you want the changes to actually be sent out to the device through the binding, you must use sendCommand. postUpdate will only update OH’s internal state and will not trigger the binding to send the new states to the device.

Thanks! Added the sendcommands and everything is woking like a charm