RGBW analog led strip w/ ESPUrna + MQTT

Hi to all,
I’m trying for the first time to run RGBW analog led strip (12v). I have made RGBW controller board w/ mosfets and all works fine via ESPurna web gui as the brain of controller board I use Wemos D1 mini loaded with ESPurna for H801 china controller.

OH + MQTT are up and running (latest openhabian, installed last night due SDcard fail)@RPI3

My question is, can somebody post items/rules and explain them (or just post example) how should I control ESPurna over MQTT.

ESPUrna have HSV/RGB/HEX option -> https://github.com/xoseperez/espurna/wiki/MQTT#lights

Before you say: google it, I have google it out and tried bunch of code but non of them does work as it should be w/ ESPurna (in other word, dont know how to modify/adapt the code)

Thanks and Happy Holidays,

What exactly is your questions? How to interface an RGB item with MQTT to control the lights?

I just did a rough look at the documentation, what is {root topic}? Can you set that per controller?


yes, I want to control RGBW + brightness from OH sitemap.
Send RGB or HSV via MQTT.

EPSUrna root topic:

On ESPUrna you set up root topic for that device
mine is “lights/livingroom/rgbw” so rgb set topic would be “lights/livingroom/rgbw/rgb/set” and state “lights/livingroom/rgbw/rgb”

I have succeeded with this but in log I can see it does not send round values.
Also cannot get full brightness, only up to 100

I think ESPurna outputs 24bit values (figured out googling)


Could you show the log and the value of the topic (command and state) after you set values with the WebGUI? Maybe use something like MQTTInspector (I use that on iOS).

From the docs it seems that there are different possibilities to set the value. We can do what is configured at the moment, but I need to know which variant it is.