Ring Alarm Binding?

Is anyone working on a binding for the Ring alarm system? I would greatly like to be able to access the state of my sensors or receive events from other z-wave devices that I have connected to my ring alarm.

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Same question here. A little more background:

I’m using Ring Alarm as my monitoring service as well as my Z-Wave hub. I have a few cameras on it and a few door, window and motion sensors on it. I already have it integrated with Alexa, but Alexa “automation” is very basic. I have it working with Home Assistant, but I’ve found HA difficult and it’s lack of native support to run on Windows has slowed me down a lot! I’m a Windows engineer by trade, so OH being able to run on Windows natively has made it very attractive for me.

Ring seems to be compatible with MQTT, because that’s how it’s working with HA. So, I’m not sure how much work is left to make it work with OH. OH has the superior interface and ease of use (IMO) over HA. So, I’m hoping some of the really smart OH community contributors would be willing to take this effort on.

I’m willing to test the solution thoroughly and issue a Bona Fide “AttaBoy (Girl, etc.)” to the person who gets this working!!

Thanks in advance for the help.

try this

I managed to install and run ring-mqtt + MQTT broker + MQTT Binding. and it “works”. Binding reports all my ring devices (motion and contact sensors, siren and keypad).
However, none is reporting the “expected” things. I have access to numbers (probably battery level) and switch.
Does anyone has any idea of why and how to have access to motion sensor contact info (opened / closed) ?
I will start to dig, but many components are totally new to me (mqtt protocol, mqtt broker software, openhab…)

It’s something else to learn, but if you use a 3rd-party tool like mqtt.fx to monitor payloads that you get from ring-mqtt it will ease the conversion to openHAB states.

haha I was missing a new area to uncover :wink:
I’ll have a look at mqtt.fx then, and I understand I need to focus on the first steps of the workflow

Have you been able to integrate ring alarm into OH with mqtt?

I have and for the most part all of my stuff was auto discovered by the MQTT binding just fine. The only things that don’t work are snapshot interval because the MQTT binding doesn’t seem to support “number” and event select because the MQTT binding doesn’t seem to support “select” on all of my cameras but I’m fine with that.

Sounds great - thank you for the quick response!

Please allow another question.
Is it possible to operate Ring locally isolated?
Means: does it still detect intruders even though I block the communication with the Amazon cloud services?

I know that this would also block notifications, but I could handle this by openhab then.

It will still detect intruders and sound the alarm but there is no way to interface with it locally by anything. All the available solutions talk to the ring/amazon cloud and get the data from there so if you block that communication they won’t work either. They all basically work by emulating the ring app on your phone so if you can’t talk to the ring from your phone, openhab can’t either.

Hmmm… Is that so? the mqtt above does not mentione that the mqtt connects to the cloud.

There is only the section for the camera, that video streams require to be received from the cloud.

For me that sounds like mqtt work locally as well!?

Unfortunately, yes it is fully dependent on the cloud for all functions. The mqtt is based on the ring-client-api project, which as I said just emulates the app on your phone. As far as I am aware nobody has discovered any way to talk to any devices locally since it communicates with the ring servers via encrypted channels

Ah, got it.
Thank you for the clarification.
So I might reconsider other options as well.

It’s me again. :slight_smile:

Can you access the snapshots yet from OH?
Can Ring Alarm store the videos / pictures somewhere else (FTP, Dropbox, …?)

I just ordered Ring Alarm on a Easter discount (295 EUR for Main unit, keypad, 5 window sensors, 3 motion, indoor cam and z-wave range extender) :-9

This is the Ring version I’ve been using, is there a newer one out?

Best, Jay