Ring Alarm Components - Zwave

Chris, are you looking for the serialized file of this thing? Here it is

network_fed4ea89__node_98.xml (11.4 KB)

The thing itself has been created in the jsondb as follows

"zwave:device:7175b6a970:node98": {
    "class": "org.openhab.core.thing.internal.ThingImpl",
    "value": {
      "label": "Z-Wave Node 098 - keypad (0346:0101:0401:1.16)",
      "bridgeUID": {
        "segments": [
        "uid": "zwave:serial_zstick:7175b6a970"
      "channels": [],
      "configuration": {
        "properties": {
          "action_heal": false,
          "action_reinit": false,
          "group_1": [
          "node_id": 98
      "properties": {
        "zwave_class_basic": "BASIC_TYPE_ROUTING_SLAVE",
        "zwave_class_generic": "GENERIC_TYPE_ENTRY_CONTROL",
        "zwave_frequent": "true",
        "zwave_neighbours": "1,4,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,17,18,19,20,21,22,32,52,55,56,57,58,76,77,78,80,81,87,88,89,90,91,97",
        "zwave_version": "1.16",
        "zwave_listening": "false",
        "zwave_plus_devicetype": "NODE_TYPE_ZWAVEPLUS_NODE",
        "zwave_deviceid": "1025",
        "zwave_nodeid": "98",
        "zwave_lastheal": "2021-07-06T00:49:34Z",
        "zwave_routing": "true",
        "zwave_plus_roletype": "ROLE_TYPE_SLAVE_SLEEPING_LISTENING",
        "zwave_beaming": "true",
        "zwave_secure": "true",
        "zwave_class_specific": "SPECIFIC_TYPE_SECURE_KEYPAD",
        "zwave_manufacturer": "838",
        "zwave_devicetype": "257"
      "uid": {
        "segments": [
        "uid": "zwave:device:7175b6a970:node98"
      "thingTypeUID": {
        "segments": [
        "uid": "zwave:device"

I just looking for the XML file that the binding saves - it holds all the information about the device. It confirms that your device is not the same as the one in the database.

Dave, what is device that you added to the database? Is it the ring keypad 1st or 2nd Generation?

The one I purchased and included is the one that is described in the attached manual:

@chris I will check the documentation of the zwave db and hope to get the info into it for the keypad asap

From what you see, Chris, can you tell that we do not have a S2/S0 issue but “only” a missing entry in the database?
Ring Alarm Keypad Zwave.pdf (122.8 KB)

This one:

Gen 2 I believe from memory

Nope sorry just checked on Amazon orders, 1st gen

I’m not really sure what an S2/S0 issue is? There shouldn’t be any issue with S2 - it is required to fall back to S0 if that’s what you mean? I’m assuming the device is just missing from the database.

The “S2 issue” I am referring to is the one “mentioned” here: ABUS Z-Wave Doorlock HomeTec Pro CFA3010 - #64 by hofie81

Although what is being said there is that a S2 device is expected to be backward compatible. I wasn’t able to include the ABUS door lock only until I manually set the door lock from S2 to S0 with the help of the ABUS support (I will post my experiences soon there). Only then it included flawlessly.

However, I agree that the case with the keypad here is surely because of the missing database entry.

The keypad I am talking about is this one


Database Upload:

I tried to create a new device with the XML posted above but when I press create an error appears at the top right (though the server responds with a http 200 ok in the background).


Do you mind have a look at that?

Is this a new device, or is this the same device? I understood a few days back that it was the same device, but just different IDs (which is common for different regions for example). Because of this I added the Id already and it should already be in the binding- if that’s not the case we need to remove this and add a new entry.

I would say it is a different. There is a 1st gen device rom @delid4ve and a 2nd gen device from me (see the 2 pictures above). The XML I provided is the one for the 2nd gen device.

I’ve created the new device using the XML above. It worked fine and I suspect that the error was probably due to the way the XML was entered into the box.

Please can someone update with the required information.

Thanks Chris,

I started already providing the information. As a reference see Ring Alarm Keypad Zwave.pdf

As I have never done that before and want to be accurate, here are some questions:

  • With respect to the parameters: is this what is called “Configuration Command Classes” in the manual?

  • Do I have to update / verify / check the notification command classes in the endpoints tab?

  • Do I have to edit the command classes somewhere?

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Yes, that’s correct. You just need to add this information into the “Parameters” tab in the database.

You shouldn’t need to. I would suggest to leave it alone, and if it doesn’t work, then we’ll look at this in more detail.

No - this should already be correctly imported from the XML.

Fine, the parameters are all added now. Would you mind publishing?

For the purpose of the next steps

  • A new binding will be built and can be found here openHAB-ZWave [Jenkins], correct?
  • I am on 3.1.0.RC1. Is that ok or do I have to move up to 3.1.0?
  • What is the recommend way:
    • Should I uninstall the original binding via the frontend and then copy the downloaded binding to the addons folder?
    • Should I shutdown OH first before copying the binding to the folder?

If you haven’t already done so, please hit the request review button on the page so that it gets listed. I’ll then take a look at this when I get home tonight.

You will need to use the latest snapshot of the binding to get this included.

First it is a bit of a gamble to have a .jar in the addons that is not aligned with the version of OH. Sometimes there are changes in the files used to create the new .jar that throws an error. That said I have not always had to upgrade the rest of OH to use a new Zwave .jar. Based on my recent monkeying around, I think a 3.2.0 snapshot should work with RC1, but if you have problems, you may need to upgrade, possibly as far as one of the daily snapshots.

Second, I can’t say this is the official process, but I generally have luck with the following;

  1. remove current zwave .jar from addons ( or use the UI to uninstall the binding)
  2. Then Shutdown OH
  3. Use Openhab-cli clean-cache
  4. Restart OH
  5. Use Openhab-cli console (once it is available) to run feature:install openhab-transport-serial This is needed if you do not add the zwave binding from the UI.
  6. Drop the zwave .jar with your equipment changes into the Addons folder
  7. Say a short prayer and with luck in about 30 seconds all your zwave devices will be online.


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Ok, done. I have forgotten about and overlooked the review button. Note that I also changed a small thing on the ABUS lock device.

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Just a quick one:
These two DB are different:
OpenSmartHouse Z-Wave Device Database
Things Summary - ZWave | openHAB

I wonder if the 2nd contact sensors from Ring are supported by OH3?
The OH DB does not mention the 2nd Gen, but it’s included in the OpenSmartHouse DB
Any thoughts?

Hi guys,

it’s me again. :wink:

I added the Gen 2 Motion and the Gen 2 Window contact as unknown components.
However according to the opensmarthouse DB they should be supported from OH 3.1
(I am on 3.2 stable)
Just in case, I attached the xml files.
network_fc47c028__node_34.xml (10.5 KB)
network_fc47c028__node_33.xml (9.7 KB)

Neither of these devices are currently in the database - I guess you have slightly different versions. The IDs for your device will need to be added to the existing device if it’s the same, or a new database entry added if your device is different to what’s in the database.

Thank you, Chris.

I guess it’s the same but a newer (?) version of the according device:
Ring Alarm Tür-/Fensterkontakt (2. Gen.) : AmazonSmile: Amazon-Geräte & Zubehör
Ring Alarm Bewegungsmelder (2. Gen.) : AmazonSmile: Amazon-Geräte & Zubehör

How do I know if it’s the same and how can I support that these are added?

The DB is community maintained. If you do not already have write access follow the instructions in the “Blog” (Register/open ticket for write access).

As to comparing, you can get a good idea by comparing the parameters in your user manual with the parameters tab for the device in the DB and the command classes with the xml you posted above. It might be as simple as adding the hex pairs 0201:0401 to 0201:0301 (window) and 0301:0401 to 0301:0301 (motion).

If you have more parameters or additional command classes then you will need to add the device per the instructions to add a device.