Ring doorbell

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Thanks. In time it will get there i’m sure, in the meantime anyone is more than welcome to download the latest jar file and manually install or take a look at the code and contribute any fixes towards getting it up to the state where it can be merged in

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My devices are:
Ring Doorbell Pro
Floodlight Camera-two, hardwired to mains.
Spotlight Camera-Battery powered

First of all, thank you for your work!
One question: is it also supposed to work if the Openhab and the Ring doorbell are not on the same network?

It talks to ring.com instead of the actual doorbell so it should work with all devices linked to your account no matter what network they are on.

Thank you!

The download doesn’t for for me:


rule "ringo"
	Item RingDoorbellEventDateTime changed
	logInfo("RING", "ding, url=" + RingDoorbellUrl.state.toString)
	var fileName =  RingDoorbellEventDateTime.state.toString + ".mp4"
	logInfo("RING", "Saving video to " + fileName)
	executeCommandLine("wget " + RingDoorbellUrl.state.toString +" -O /tmp/"+ fileName,5000)

when running wget from command line

wget https://api.ring.com/clients_api/dings/xxxxxxxxxx/recording?api_version=11&auth_token=YEr7QGEynQkoQsVGzUYA -O /tmp/123.mp4

I get the following output:

 --2019-04-26 19:32:38--  https://api.ring.com/clients_api/dings/xxxxxxxxxx/recording?api_version=11
Resolving api.ring.com (api.ring.com)... 2606:4700::6811:8001, 2606:4700::6811:7f01,, ...
Connecting to api.ring.com (api.ring.com)|2606:4700::6811:8001|:443... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 401 Unauthorized

Username/Password Authentication Failed.

The App shows the video. Why do I get a 401?

Also removing and re-adding the things doesn’t help.

@zolakk Any idea?

Sorry for the late response, I had issues with it too and I was able to solve it by adding a 30 second delay to the rule because it takes a bit for the video to actually be saved on the ring.com server

i´m looking for a video doorbell for my house.

But i want a doorbell, which works completely offline from the internet without any cloud service. I want to save the video stream to a local server.

I think all ring doorbell versions need a cloud service to work with full features.

Any advice which device would be possible for me? If i could use the ring doorbell completely offline from internet without cloud, it would be my favorite.

Check out DoorPI https://www.doorpi.org/forum/?l=2
But it’s a DIY solution

Thanks, i know this, but a small good looking solution like a ring and ready to use would be great, without any DIY. Not much time for this.

Try DoorBird - all features work offline, you could even change push notifications to something not dependent on the manufacturer…

Yes, i know doorbird, too. But i was looking for some cheaper devices.

Doorbird, Mobotix, … there are many “big” ip-doorphones with cam out there. But they are very expensive…

What is your main requirement? I’m happy to be proven wrong, but apart from DoorBird, I do not know of any video doorbell which works completely without the cloud and can save to a local server.

However, depending on your requirements, there are workarounds, especially with openHAB (and even with out too much DYI, at least in terms of hardware). Example:

  • get an Amazon Dash Button (or any other smart button compatible with openHAB) and a cheap IP camera and have the ip camera record whenever the button is pressed.
  • just mount the ip cam to your door and record whenever there is movement

If you want push notifications, however, these only work with cloud, by definition (though you could use openHAB cloud, which makes it a little more “local” in a way).

Ring doorbell would be exactly what i want to have, but only in hardware way. I want to do the software part with my own server-storage and openhab cloud.

So long there is no alternate firmware or a way to send the ring data directly to my server instead of ring-cloud, i will have to search for another device.

Actually, I also have a ring (though I have a doorbird as my main doorbell) and if there would be an alternate firmware or other direct storage way, I’d use this, too!

I am praying someone creates a binding for Axis doorbell (eg A8105)

I have a Ring. I saw that someone has created a add-on to Home Assistant for Ring. I saw it’s advertisement on their add-on page. I checked it out on You-tube and it looks great. I wonder if the code is on Git.

Hi All,

Finally got around to installing this binding, but I am having the same issues that people have mentioned before, I am getting the “401 Unauthorized” error when attempting to download the latest video from the ring server. Getting the recording link from the Rest API, I can open it in a browser window, but to execute a wget to download, I get the 401.

I have tried downloading the most recent video, was timestamped yesterday, so there should be no issue with the ring server rendering it. Also, everything else seems to be working. I have also cut and pasted some of the rules from this post (changing the item names only to match my system) and I nothing is downloaded. Is there any special permissions that need to be set? I am using OpenHabian (stable release).

Thanks for the binding, seems to work well so far!


what’s the wget command you are using?
you need to specify the token


I copied my “RingURL” from the Rest API, going to items and getting the state, copying it to a new tab to make sure the link works, which has the token in the link. So, I’ve been using:

wget https://api.ring.com/clients_api/dings/XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/recording?api_version=11&auth_token=[xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] -O /etc/openhab2/tmp/ring.mp4

The last event was from about 5 minutes ago, so the ring servers should have had plenty of time to render or save the video.