Ring my phone with Openhab


Currently I’m using IFTTT to ring my phone in my home when I lost it with Alexa, but like everyone know, IFTTT can take to 10 or 20minutes to trigger, and doesn’t work everytime.
So I’m looking for an app, or something else to ring my phone with openhab.
I will connect everything to alexa with Smart Home skill or use Amazon echo control to make a rules.

Do you have any idea?
Thank’s for you help.

The quick and dirty approach would be to buy a $20 USB modem and use it to dial your cell phone number from your landline. It’s been a while since I’ve used a modem, but I assume that at least some of them can still be controlled with the old Hayes “AT” command set. If so, you would just need to send it a dial command like “ATDT2125551212”.

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Get an iPhone and use Apple’s system?? :rofl:

What kind of phone do you have? That functionality has been built into Android for a long time.

Does the Android App in the category run on multiple phone types? :wink:

Hardware solution; Autodialler boxes exist for use with old fashioned intruder alarms. 12V power, some plug into phone landline, some use mobile with Sim. Trigger contact type inputs to dial a list of numbers and deliver pre-recorded voice messages.
Terribly old fashioned and very reliable. Example


Well, the Android App in the category refers to the openHAB Android app, which isn’t actually what’s being discussed.

Per my question, the type of phone would indicate the version of Android and whether or not Google’s Find My Phone feature is available. That’s what I’d say if I hadn’t missed seeing the category. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So to clarify my earlier post, “why not use Google’s Find My Phone feature?”

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Actually, here’s an openHAB-specific solution that requires the Android app. I use a variation of this to tell the Sleep as Android app on my phone to start tracking my sleep.

  1. Create an item in openHAB that you can trigger when you want to find your phone.
  2. Set up a rule that sends a notification to the openHAB app installed on your phone.
  3. Install Tasker on your phone.
  4. Set up Tasker to listen for the notification and trigger your ring tone.

Notifications are very quick in my experience. I tell Google Assistant that I’m going to sleep, and Sleep as Android triggers a few seconds later.


I use a Bluetooth key finder to track lost keys, wallet etc. They can also work in reverse. Pressing the button on the tracker will make your phone ring.

I have an Android, OnePlus 7T on Android 10.
Sadly, android device manager (find my phone by Google) doesn’t have a public API to trigger by openhab.

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I will definitely try that, thanks you!

Ok, Here what I’ve done :

  1. Created a item in the item file : Switch telephone "téléphone" {alexa="PowerController.powerState"}
  2. a rules like this :
    rule "fait sonner Telephone"
    Item telephone received update
    sendNotification(<myemailonOpenhabAccount>, "Détection téléphone")
  3. created a flow in Automate Android :

now i can say to alexa : Alexa, find my phone (with a routine)

One day google will free the api for Android Device Manager, or the Openhab Apps will have built in

Thanks for all the response.

Edit : if someone want my automate flow, you can find it here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1na6nfbdFBV3F5sUlp--v-u9sDfBGZOse/view?usp=drivesdk


Thats nice. As I have Alexa already doing stuff via openHAB I think I will give this one a go too. Thanks for sharing.


If you have Android you can ask Google Assistant “Where is my Phone” it works instantaneously for me. I have few of the google speakers around the house. For smart speakers I prefer Google over Amazon(i tried all of them even Cortana), for media devices Amazon Fire Tv over Chromecast