Robonect Binding / Item in Combination with iOs App

In Robonect Binding there is an Item for Status of Mower defined as String with 4 possible values:
Auto, Home, Manual, EndOfDay.

In Sitemap unter BasicUi the String field is shown as a Pulldown Menü with these 4 Options to choose.
In Sitemap in iOs App the same Sitemap shows the label of the Item followed by Symbol > like a group if items. If click this is empty.

Think it needs a decission:
A Switch Item in Robonect-Binding with these four Options or a String Item, but then allways shown as a String, or same SelectBox in iOs App as in BasicUi while interpretationing sitemap.

Because normaly you could change State of Mower in this item: My Opinion is, it should be a Switch Irem with 4 Options instead of a String.