Robonect Binding or openhab2 Failure with Timezone?

Last Weekend I updated Robonect-Firmware to Version 1.0 (now 1.0a) and openhab to Snapshot 2.5 Build 1665

Now item for next timer shows 09:02 instead of 07:02.

I allready checked API from Robonect with http://IP/json?cmd=status and Answer von Robonect shows 7:02 correctly.

So something must have changed with time calculation in openhab2. Maybe now the Binding has do be changed too?

Update: Time in String shows 7:02, but Timestamp-Value gives 9:02 for UTC+1 (=Berlin-Time), so looks like failure in Robonect Firmware

Wrote to Developer of Robonect now. Sorry for useless Post, Should have checked more before writing here.

sorry, I don’t understand.
What was the problem? I have the same problem with the wrong next timer value.

Robonect Firmware is not perfect with timezones. But its no failure from openhab.

Maybe the Robonect Firmware is not perfect with timezones. In my case I didn’t update the firmware. I only set up a new parallel openhab2 installation with the actual snapshot. Here I have the problem with the wrong next timer value. At my other openhab2 installation with version 2.4.0 Build #1331 I don’t have this problem. I even don’t have this problem at the new installation in the paper UI in the control panel. The right next timer value is displayed. I only have this problem when I assign the “timer-next” channel to a DateTime variable in an items-File and display this in the sitemap. This is very strange!

Hm, i got this problems with Snapshot update too, but people here said nothing changed. I asked the developer of robonect (Fabian Harder) too, he didn’t changed anything too.

So maybe something timezones mistakes between openhab and binding? I m no developer :thinking:

I don’t have this mower, but a friend. He has the same issues: 2h wrong. The datetime of mower show 2h wrong of time. That seems to be a fault of the mower software:

How can we fix this to show the correct time? I looking for something via rule to make minus 2h time. Is there another way to show UTC time only? Then the issue would be fixed with a workaround.

Thanks for help!

That Post was Mine. I talked with the developer of the mower software: he didn’t changed anything. I checked json after his hint too: the timestamp gives correct local time!!! But in binding or openHAB it’s interpreted as utc time and then recalculated to local so binding shows (zone cest = utc+2) wrong time in openHAB

Edit: maybe you can correct if in mower you set timetone tu utc, but then in mower menu the times are utc too and not your local time.