Roborock S6 - query current cleaning room/zone or get zone/room changed event?

I’m looking around for a possibility to get the current cleaning location of the robot like zone or room or receiving an item changed event in a rule, if a zone or room will be left and/or entered. I was not able to find such a feature.

Reason: I would be able to close my smart vertical blinds if the Roborock S6 will be close to the blinds, because it sometimes mess up the vertical blinds it the are open (90 degree). Until now, I need to close them manually before the Roborock cleans the edge where the blinds are installed. It would be great to do this automatically.

Because the online cleaning map shows the current location of the Robot, it should be possible in theory.

Maybe someone has an idea if this would be possible and how?!


Actually I don’t have a solution for your request but maybe it would be good to post your question here:

It would reach more people using the binding…