Robot lawn mowers - which has the best openhab integration?

Hi OpenHab community

I’m looking into buying a robot lawn mower, and would like to integrate it into my openhab system, to interact with it from the systems.

I have not really decided on which model or brand to select, but the option that it can integrate with openhab will have a high weight. And it is not going to be a high end model.

My question is, if someone has the big picture of the field and can recommend a vendor /model, where we have a official/formel integration between openhab and the vendor ?

Looking/searching in the community, a lot of the integrations seems to be ‘hacks’ or reverse engineered solutions that works only for certain models, that might break if the robots are being firmware upgraded.

Bosch indigo binding - guess is a hack - but does it work with also the latest models, like 350 and 400 connect ? Does it require a special server/bridge ? (I’m running my openhab on a rasp, and has also a mqtt server running).

There is also a Gardena binding - This looks more formel, is that the case ? What will it take to run this setup ?

What would be the best choice ?

Located in Denmark.


I’m not sure if he has done any integration yet bu I know he’s an OpenHAB user…

I’ve been planning to build a few of these, and just the other day the realization hit me that they would be great to integrate with OH, at least for the higher level logic (ie, rained so many mm in past 2 days, so grass is wet, so don’t let bots cut). Looking into Habpanel to see an SVG of the progress would be really neat too. They aren’t a commercial solution, but look like a great project.

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The gardena binding works very well for watering and sensors - but I haven’t tried it with the mower. Also it relies upon the gardena cloud solution, which has gone down a couple of times in the past, and of course creates a reliance upon it always being there…

Gardena binding for their Sileno series is running flawlessly for months. Using the binding you have more parameters to monitor and control than in the original Gradena app. For example, you can monitor the battery state and check, how often per day the robot has started mowing.
Excellent binding.
BUT: you should not make up your mind by just selecting the best integration in OH. Functionality and robustness of automower should be of primary importance for your decision. Here, Gardena also excels.

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thanks - you’d have convinced me to buy one, if only we had any grass.

The Robonect module brings WLAN and a nice API (including MQTT) to Husqvarna / Gardena / Flymo

Works great here for a Husqvarna Automower 320.


Have a look at Worx Landroids, they’re quite popular and cheap (well, in comparison).
This I created two years ago and it has been working flawlessly since for my Landroid M series. It’s based on simple HTTP requests so you still can adapt if there was a need for in case of say incompatible mower firmware updates.
The newer S series requires some different interface to the Landroid cloud, here’s someone to claim he managed to get that working, too.

I bought a Worx Landroid-S 3 weeks ago and I´m super happy with it!! I have installed the landroid bridge

together with openhab on the same raspberry PI3. the mower continiously publishes its status along with informations like batterylevel, runtimes, errors etc. to the cloud which the bridge then gathers and forwards via mqtt to openhab. I´m sure someone will find a solution to bypass the cloud.

I have written a bunch of rules around the mower which I plan to publish in the tutorial section soon.
my mower knows the actual weather, stays home when the grass is wet or when it´s pooltime for our kids. It changes the mowing time depending on the season and informs me when it got stuck or needs attention.