Rolershutter control

Looking now for days… Does anybody know how to set this roller shutter control?

You click the up and down arrows … :wink:

I guess maybe you mean, how to set it in your sitemap?
It’s actually the Switch widget; it’s smart enough to recognize when you give it a RollerShutter type Item to represent.

You can also use a slider

in Items

Switch RolTuindeur               "Rolgordijn tuindeur"                      <blinds>     {channel="zwave:device:xxxxxxxx:node32:switch_binary" }
Rollershutter RolTuindeurControl "Rolgordijn tuindeur [%d %%]"   (gBlinds) ["Blinds"]      {channel="zwave:device:xxxxxxx:node32:blinds_control" }

in Sitemap

 Default item=RolTuindeurControl
 Slider item=RolTuindeurControl

In my browser it looks like this