Roller Shutter 3 Problems with Status updates


I have a setup with openhab 2.5 snapshot a Rollershutter 3 (firmware 5.1), momentary switches and a normal blind.

When I use the physical buttons I get a status update when the movement is finished or a second time the buttons is prsssed.

When I use a virtual button in the Paper UI I get immediately a status update to a smaller or higher number but not more. e.g. when the movement is done the status is still wrong.

But when I press stop on the virtual button a status update is sent.

Does anybody has an idea?

Thanks for your help.


Try adding autoupdate=false to your item definition.
Also try setting the command poll period to a higher or lower value (play a little bit around with it):



Thanks for your answer.

Neither the autoupdate thing nor the command poll period thing works.

It looks like when using the physical switches everything works fine. When triggering up/down with the physical swith a status update is sent when:

1.) a limit switch is reached (0/100)
2.) stop was triggered by pressing up/down again

When starting up/down with the virtual buttons the status was updated after the command poll period was reached but not when the limit switch is reached. So the status has the position after e.g. 1.5 seconds. When I press the virtual stop button a position update was sent.

Any more help would be great!



Make sure you are using the blinds_controlx channels, not blinds_control.

Thats my item definition:

Rollershutter Study_EG_Rollershutter_Blinds1 "Arbeitszimmer" <rollershutter> 

There is a fairly extensive recent thread

Lots to look at; lifeline, calibration, firmware, binding version

Thanks for your answer.

After some digging around I think this is a fibaro related issue because it is also discussed in other forums as well.

Hi again!

Thanks for all your answers. I will give it onother try to solve this. Maybe someone have time and knowledge to help me.

I did some testing and it looks like there is no status update to the blinds_control1 channel recieved when using the virtual button in basic ui.

I attached two log files where I moved the roller shutter down to the limit switch.

The log file with the physical momentary switch contains a status update to the blinds_control1 channel (0 %) which is correct.

The log file with the virtual button does not contain this status update to the blinds_control1 channel. (It just updates the status after the command poll period).

I also did some digging in other forums and they have the same problem.

Could somebody, maybe @chris could have a look into the log files to check if its a problem in the fibaro firmware?

Openhab 2.5 snapshot
Fibaro roller shutter 3 fgr223



openhab_withMomentarySwitch.log (8.5 KB) openhab_withVirtualSwitch.log (22.3 KB)

If I understand correctly (which I might not) I think this is normal - a device will not send a status update (eg through association configuration) if it is controlled externally. This prevents the system getting into pathological loops between multiple devices.

Hi. Thanks for your answer.

I have no idea what should be right because I do not have any glue whats allowed and whats not :slight_smile:

The only thing what I see is that wenn controlled via a phsical button the channel gets updated at the end of the down movement but not when triggered by the basic ui. (the meter channels get updated in both cases)



All I can suggest is to use the command repoll period so that the binding will poll the device some period after the command has been sent.

ZWave doesn’t recommend (in fact I think it disallows) the sending of updates like this - I recall Qubino had to change a lot of their devices a while back as they sent such unsolicited updates, and the ZWA stated that this is not allowed and gateways should assume that if the command was received it will be implemented.

As above though, the repoll period if set appropriately should do what you want (so long as the movement doesn’t take longer than 15 seconds which is the maximum repoll time I think).

Thanks for your help. I will try.


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