Roller Shutter - Aeotec or Fibaro?

any experience with Aeotec Nano Shutter or Fibaro Roller Shutter 3 in combination with OH2/Razberry Zwave+?

Good and bad experience welcome.

I have 2RS2 and 6RS3 from Fibaro working with openHAB (Raspberry Pi and Razberry)

All are doing the job.
Calibration I had to do manually and I had to experiment with the direction
Fibaro support is the worst you can imagine. Firmware updates can only be done, if you are using a Home Center meaning additional cost and hazzle. However, all Fibaro Roller Shutter are doing the job and are working well.

I have 5 RS2 from Fibaro (no zwave plus) with openHAB (Raspberry Pi and Aeotec Gen 5 stick) which are working fine for approx. 4 years now.

ok. thanks thomas and micha