Roller Shutter - How to move to Position XX%?


I am using a Homematic Wireless Rollershutter Controller. I can already move it up and down via openhab, now I want to set up a scenario where the Rollershutter e.g. only moves down to 40% or 30%. Could you give me an example of how I would have to write the code for that in the home.items?

Thanks in advance!!

You can’t in items.
You can put a dummy item there, then need to write a rule using .sendCommand() that triggers upon changes of this dummy item.

mmh, so I have to write a rule like e.g.

“go down
wait 3 seconds
stop” !?

And anyway, I don´t even get it what the items code should look like, I have this:

Rollershutter RollerWz "Rollo 80%" (FF_Wz) {homematic="HG-HM-LC-Bl1PBU-FM:e8571c6c:NEQ1366599:1#LEVEL"}

is this correct?

no, simply <item>.sendCommand(30) for 30%, assuming the homematic stuff is capable of that.