Roller shutter with OH2: how to invert commands?


I’m new to Openhab2, coming from a working Jeedom installation. After struggling a little bit with discovery (a lot of “unknow device”…), I think I have all my device ready to work…

But my roller shutter zawave module, (Fibaro FGRM 222) doesn’t work as expected: commands are inverted (up is down and vice versa)… How to set this up? This is not clear…

My OH2 setup is based on a snapshot release (downloaded a few days ago), running in a Docker container, on one of my RPi 2.

Also note a=that every thing was working smoothly and as expected with Jeedom, so I should need to invert my roller shutter switch wires.

I thought that there were configuration options to change the inversion of roller shutters?

is it something I can find in Habmin or Paper ui? I’ve checked and didn’t see anything like that.

I don’t know about PaperUI, but in HABmin it should be shown as configuration under the channel settings.

Ok, my mistake. Wasn’t aware of this possibility. Sorry for the inconvenience.
It now works as expected.

No problem - at least it’s working :slight_smile:

Hi, just a complementary question about this: if I want to declare my item in a *.items file. How should I do?
It’s unclear what to choose between these two syntaxes:
Rollershutter Shutter_GF_Kitchen “Kitchen [%d %%]” (GF_Kitchen, Shutters) {zwave="??:??:command=??,invert_state=false,invert_percent=true"}


Rollershutter Shutter_GF_Kitchen “Kitchen [%d %%]” (GF_Kitchen, Shutters) { channel=“zwave:device:??:??:switch_dimmer” } (and in this case, where should I define invert_* configuration options?)

I’ve read the doc, and to say the least, it’s not obvious :frowning: