Rollershutter automation

I am new. I’ve read but not sure if I am searching for the right terms.

I’ve build a hardware control via arduino which opens and closes my rollershutter. In the demo house, I was able to control it via http binding. So I can click on up, stop and down which will drive the rollershutter.

The next step is to have a scheduler which will open them in the morning and close them in the evening. But I am not sure if I need a rule or how this is handled.

At a later state, I want to build a weather station which is getting temp etc. and then react also based on the environment but this is way ahead. For now, the most simple schedule is what I want to achive.

Any hints where I need to look at?


There are some options to do this:

  1. You can use the CalDAV-Binding and setup Timers in Calendar. This would initiate Commands for the specified Items.

  2. Another Calender Binding would be for Google Calendar, unfortunately not easy to setup due to authentification method, which has changed.

  3. ITTT would be another option, just to mention

  4. usually you could use a simple rule with Time cron trigger:

rule "open rollershutters"
    Time cron "0 30 06 * * MON-FRI" <- 06:30:00 Monday to Friday
    Time cron "0 30 08 * * SAT,SUN" <- 08:30:00 Saturday & Sunday

To tell the truth, there is an issue that can arise in this context: if you use more than one Time cron trigger per rule, that 2nd trigger will maybe not fire the rule, but you can prevent this issue with one rule per trigger.
Since you will need rules later on (you could also trigger for sunrise or sunset with the astro binding, the easiest way with rules) I would recommend this solution, especially for rollershutters since these timers won’t be changed all the time.

ok, got it solved and was easier as thought.

just adding a rule in the rules file:

rule "close Blinds"
Time cron “0 12 18 1/1 * ? *” //closing 18:12 daily

I don’t like it hardcoded like it is but figuring out the rest later.

Hi Udo,
thank you for your reply. I like your suggestion more than mine - haven’t seen the comment before.

Thank you very much.


:smile: I sent it the same minute as you :wink:

Is that a known bug or just an observation of yours ? Would you mind raising a Github issue for it ?

There is an open issue at github :slight_smile: I just was too lazy to search for it - blame on me :slight_smile: