Rollershutter /blind Widget


Unfortunately, I have no experience in UI development or css.
I am looking for a HabPanel widget.
Here is exactly what I’m looking for, but it only looks good on the PC/Laptop.

Looking at this widget on an iPad or iPhone, it looks cruel.

Does anyone know if there is such a widget also compatible with ios?

Many Thanks!

Could you post some photos? I use it on Samsung Android tablet and it looks ok. I also have ipad and it looks a bit worse, but still acceptable.

Sorry for the late reply.
Here are the pictures from the iphone and ipad.
both have ios 11.1 installed.
the problem exists in portrait and landscape format.

Yes, it will not shrink below a minimum, which is more than 1x1 tiles. You need to resize the tile horizontally to 5x1. Would that work for you? 4x1 seems like could work too but after some tweaking the code, because it is just on the edge.

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Thanks, now it looks ok.