Rollershutter/blinds with GIRA Switching actuator

I’m getting confused! :wink:
I have blinds at home, and control them via KNX. I have the GIRA switching actuator 16-gang, 10A REG (1038 00). And I’m confused by the naming of the communication objects and the example within the KNX-binding.

so. let’s start with the openHAB KNX binding docu here: KNX Binding - further examples:

/* Rollershutters  Up/Down, Stop/Move, Position */
Rollershutter Shutter_GF_Living "Shutter" (GF_Living, Shutters) { knx="4/2/10, 4/2/11, 4/2/12" }

It says, you have to have an GA for “Up/Down”, one for “Stop/Move” and one for “Position”. So, I got plenty of that within the GIRA actuator and don’t find out, which one to use how.
So, I got (sorry for the german, my ETS-catalog is german-only):

  • Langzeitbetrieb (long time operation?)
  • Kurzzeitbetrieb (short time operation?)
  • Rückmeldung Jalousieposition (position feedback?)
  • Rückmeldung Lamellenposition (slat position feedback?)
  • Rückmeldung ungültige Position (invalid position feedback?)
  • Rückmeldung Antriebsbewegung (drive movement Feedback?)
  • Position Jalousie (position?)
  • Position Lamelle (slat position?)

at present I use in the blinds.items this Syntax (which unfortunately won’t show me the positions)

/* Rollershutters  Up/Down, Stop/Move, Position */
Rollershutter Shutter_EG_EssZi_Ost "Esszimmer Ost [%d %%]" 	(EG_WoZi, Shutters) { knx="4/1/0, 4/1/1, 4/1/2+<4/1/3", autoupdate="false" }

4/1/0 = Langzeitbetrieb / long time operation
4/1/1 = Kurzzeitbetrieb / short time operation
4/1/2 = Rückmeldung Jalousie / Position feedback
4/1/3 = Position Jalousie / position
4/1/4 = Position Lamelle / slat position (not used in .items at present)

I can use the up and down arrows as the stop button in the UI:

2016-11-22 22:38:49.362 [ItemCommandEvent          ] - Item 'Shutter_EG_EssZi_Sued' received command DOWN
2016-11-22 22:38:51.488 [ItemCommandEvent          ] - Item 'Shutter_EG_EssZi_Sued' received command STOP
2016-11-22 22:38:53.179 [ItemCommandEvent          ] - Item 'Shutter_EG_EssZi_Sued' received command UP
2016-11-22 22:38:54.587 [ItemCommandEvent          ] - Item 'Shutter_EG_EssZi_Sued' received command STOP

but it won’t show me the percentage of where the blinds are.

What I’d like to achieve is, to

  1. see the actual position of the in the item (e.g. in an UI)
  2. move the blinds in a specific position (regarding the blinds in % and the slat in degree or whatever) - I’d like to move the blinds in position for a hot, sunny day to let’s say 3/4 down and the slats in a position, that I can see through, but the sun won’t shine in.

Thanks for your help.

I’m using the same Gira switching actor (1038).

I don’t seem to have the problem.
My item:

Rollershutter KNX_GV_Living_Screen_9_1_0			"Screen living [%d %%]"								<rollershutter>		(gGV_Living, gScreens)		{ knx="9/1/0, 9/1/1, 9/1/5+9/1/2", autoupdate="false" }	

9/1/0 => long time operation;
9/1/1 => short time operation
9/1/5 => set position (%);
9/1/2 => position status (%);

My sitemap:

Text item=KNX_GV_Living_Screen_9_1_0
Slider item=KNX_GV_Living_Screen_9_1_0 label="Scrdeen living [%d %%]" switchSupport sendFrequency=400
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Hi Dries,

thanks for dropping by! Could you please paste a screenshot of your GAs in the ETS? Would be great. I’m a bit confused by your 9/1/5 “set Position (%)” and 9/1/2 “Position Status (%)”.
Perhaps it’s “Position Jalousie / position” and “Rückmeldung Jalousie / Position Feedback”, but I’m not sure. For comparision, my GAs look like this:

(please note: I changed since the GA 4/1/3 from above post to 4/1/6)

Sure buddy. See below:

Let me know if you need anything else.

I have updated my sitemap to:

		Switch item=KNX_GV_Living_Screen_9_1_0
		Slider item=KNX_GV_Living_Screen_9_1_0

A “switch” works better than a slider, imho.