Rollershutter comand "up" and "down" not working anymore

Hi, i´m on the latest snapshot update. I made an update from an older snapshot a few days ago.

Now i get an error, when a rule sends the comands “up” or “down” to a group of rollershutter items.

With the old version it worked. Was there a change? This warning is shown in the log too:

2018-08-05 21:18:00.503 [WARN ] [lipse.smarthome.core.items.GroupItem] - Command 'DOWN' has been ignored for group 'Rollos' as it is not accepted.

But some rollershutters still close with this comand. Only two or three of my 17 shutters and jalousie will stay opened.

Which version do you use. #1326 is the actual.
Post you item-definition please.