Rollershutter controls are reversed

I have a Zemismart curtain motor ( SK-3007-05 ) that I added entirely through OH3 UI and I don’t use an items file for but I find it has the UP/DOWN reversed.

The motor itself was reversed when when I first set it up with the included remotes and I reversed it using the remote sequence described in the manual before I included the z wave device into OH3. I believe it may need to get reversed if the motor goes on left vs right side of the window.

Now I find the UP / DOWN commands when sent from a sitemap to be backwards. For example, I hit the “DOWN” button in the sitemap and the following logs appear:

==> /var/log/openhab/events.log <==
Item 'CurtainMotor1_BlindsControl' received command DOWN
Item 'CurtainMotor1_BlindsControl' predicted to become DOWN
Item 'CurtainMotor1_BlindsControl' changed from 100 to 0

The curtains get opened and the sitemap icon appears open but DOWN should be the close command.

I also have a rule that sends an UP command but it closes instead of opens them and vice versa.

I see that there is Set motor direction setting in the thing config screen and it was 0 and I’m trying 1(?) but I suspect that may reverse the remote setting and not the zwave setting.

setting the motor direction in the config does in fact only reverse the controls from the rf remote that’s included with the unit but not the direction that the z wave commands send.

I don’t know whether there is a reverese option or not, but you can show a “proxy” rollershutter item at your sitemap and use it with rules to invert it.

Something like this:
When ProxyItem received UP, send DOWN to CurtainMotor1_BlindsControl.
When ProxyItem received DOWN, send UP to CurtainMotor1_BlindsControl.


Thanks. I didn’t know there was a channel setting screen.

This fixed it so up would open them (mine are horizontal but it make sense), however the sitemap icon is still backwards. I suppose I can live with that for now.