Rollershutter % (FSB14) in Homekit

Hey there,
I am totally new to openHAB and started this week with it, read a lot and tried a lot of things.

This is my current progress:
openHAB 2.5.8 installed on Enocean Pi (Gpio Modul)
Enocean binding installed
Homekit add on installed
Light/Dimmer with Tag “Lighting” and Rollershutter with “Windowcovering” for Homekit equiped.
FSR14, FUD14 and FSB14 are visible in openhab and also in Homekit. I am able to control them.

The problem is the percentage for the rollershutters. I can’t set them to a value like eg 50%. I can only open or close them. (PaperUI and Homekit)

The Rollershutter from openHAB got teached in with PCT14 as “Fahrkommando mit Zeitwertübergabe von GFVS”.
The shut time were set at the things Rollershutter channel (17sec.).
The"RV" at the FSB14 was also set (20sek.).

I guess Homekit sends percentage values, my rollershutters work with a time.

How can I convert % to time?
And why I am not able to set the rollershutter with paperUI to eg 50% although I set a time in the rollershutters channel?

Any help is appreciated.

Best regards

you need a rule that converts % to time.
maybe the discussion here can help

Thank you for the link.

I understand the basic of a rule, but I am way too unexperienced to create such a complex one.

Maybe anyone is interested in helping me?
Just say what you need to lead me the way.

Thank you!

Ok, I was able to set it up correctly. Now I can control the rollershutters in percentage with the Home app.

Maybe this will help someone in the future:
You have to make sure you set, beside the shut time in the rollershutter channel, the “auto update” within the items options to disabled.
Then it will work :slight_smile: