Rollershutter HM-LC-Bl1PBU-FM setLevel

Hi together,

I hope someone can help me with my problem. I have a homematic rollershutter (HM-LC-Bl1PBU-FM) with works fine, but now I’m trying to switch it to a defined Level.

So on my sitemap it looks like:

 Switch item=PROXY_SHUTTER_Kind_1 icon="blinds-220" mappings=[1="UP", 2="50%", 3="75%", 4="DOWN"]

and in my rule:

rule "Rollo Kinderzimmer 1"
  Item PROXY_SHUTTER_Kind_1 received command
  switch(PROXY_SHUTTER_Kind_1.state) {
    case 1: sendCommand(Shutter_Kind_1, UP)
    case 2: sendCommand(Shutter_Kind_1, 13)
    case 3: sendCommand(Shutter_Kind_1, 20)
    case 4: sendCommand(Shutter_Kind_1, DOWN)

If I use sendCommand(Shutter_Kind_1, 50) to set the shutter to exspected 50% it closes completely. This does only work if use sendCommand(…, 13) - But on the sitemap it show 13% instead of 50%

So where’s my thinking mistake? Where can I define the times for closing and opening the shutter?

Thanks for any help!


Please use method instead of action:


will work as expected.
As an alternative, you can use sendCommand(Shutter_Kind_1, "UP") or sendCommand(Shutter_Kind_1, "13") as the action is sendCommand(String, String) and a primitive has no method .toString, so openHAB is not able to perform the Type conversion.

Thanks for your fast supply Udo. But I’m not sure whether we’re talking about the same goal.

sendCommand(…, 13) works and sends the shutter to round about 50%. If I use sendCommand(…, 50) instead it closes completely. So my problem is that exspected 50 would be a level 50%. Is there some place where I can define the times for closing and opening the shutter - like in Rasperrymatic for example?

This is my first automated roller shutter - so may be on the next window I have to use 20 to send the shutter to a 50% level 'cause the window itself is taller…

btw. I also tried Shutter_Kind_1.sendCommand(50) with the same result: It closes completely… :wink:

Ah. Then you have to set up up the actuator to a shorter duration for up/down. In fact, a roller shutter in this style: will not stay at the half when set to 50%, as the lamellas will collapse at the end. But of course the roller shutter should not be completely closed when at 50%.

As I did set up my roller shutters to absolute positioning last week :slight_smile: I can affirm that this works as expected, for my windows this is:
roof area window (without slits…):

  • 0% - completely open;
  • 10% - still no shutter visible;
  • ~55% - shutter at 50% of window;
  • 95% - window blocked;
  • 100% shutter completely closed.

normal window (with slits…):

  • 0% - completely open;
  • 30% - half closed;
  • 50% - 3/4 closed;
  • 80% - shutter hits ground;
  • 90% - about half of the slits are closed;
  • 100% - completely closed.

Hey, how can i change the duration for the actuator?
I have the same problem. When i send Level 50 the shutter will completely closed.
I use the HomeMatic Shutter Actuator HM-LC-Bl1PBU-FM.

Thanks for help.

did you adjust the up/down times in your ccu?

One question to the homematic rollershutter before buying it: What happens with the level value when I operate the rollershutter manually (through the rollershutter’s manual buttons, of course). Does the item contain the correct level anyway?
As far as I understood the level control is just by measuring the operating time (up/down). Is there an additional channel to detect the end positions (for example, by current measurement)?
Unfortunately, I cannot find no list of channels for the OH bridge neither a description what Homematic CCU2 can send and receive. If somebody has, please send me a copy or a link.
Thanks in advance