Rollershutter item on sitemap?

I installed 2.0 RFXCOM binding on openhab2

I can control my somfy motor with paper UI control

Now I want to put a up/down and stop button on my site map

I can not vind any examples or information about this on the forum

Is there a kind of Roller Shutter item (element) with UP Down and Stop button?

Any idee?

… and don’t forget to take a look into the docs:

Thank you

I used the shutter channel i found in paper UI “E1Somfy_Shutter”

Rollershutter rolluik "Rolluik [%.0f %%]" <rollershutter>  {channel="E1Somfy_Shutter"}

Renamed the item to “rolluik”

Default item=rolluik

It shows on my site map, but it did not react when i press a button

Will look at it tomorrow, maybe I made a typo!

Thanks for your help Christoph,

Its working now
I understand your comment about the channel name.
In paper UI I create my own channels, easier to remember for me

I know this is an old post but the question was “Rollershutter item on sitemap?” There is no mention of rollershutters in the link - it seems strange that there is a rollershutter item but not a corresponding way of implementing in a sitemap.

Just put a switch on your sitemap:

Switch item=YourRollershutterItem


There is also a Dimmer type Item, and no dimmer type widget.

If your rollershutter is capable of proprtional positioning, you could use a Slider widget. You have choices.

I use “Default item= item_name” without problems on my sitemap

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Thank you. I found that out separately but just posting a link to a page which doesn’t have that information is not helpful.

I am sure you will invest more time to explain everything in detail in your future support answers.