Rollershutter mapping to Short / Long type of operation

I have a KNX actuator that doesn’t use the conventional UpDown, StopMove commands.
Instead, it uses LongTimeOperation and ShortTimeOperation commands.
When shutters are running, after a LongTimeOperation command, a ShortTimeOperation stops the movement.
However, a ShortTimeOperation command, with the shutters stopped, always triggers a short movement.
Both commands are binaries, informing the direction of the movement.
Unfortunately, in this way, the Rollershutter item doesn’t operate in the way it is expected.

In your opinion what is the best strategy to overcome this issue?
Where should I programme this behaviour in OpenHAB?

In fact, there are only Up/Down and Stop/Move DPT in knx for roller shutters and blinds, so when the manufacturer writes about LongTime and ShortTime Operation it is Up/Down and Stop/Move.

In most actuators you can configure the ShortTime time in msec. In case of roller shutters you can simply set it to almost 0 msec to prevent micro movement.

Obviously that’s not possible for blinds, where Stop/Move (or Short Time Movement) is used to regulate the angle of the blinds.

Thank you so much for your reply.
In fact these roller shutters do use the short time operation to open apertures for ventilation / dim-light, so I could say they operate very much in the same way as blinds.
In your opinion where should this kind of roller shutter / blinds behaviour be better programmed in OpenHAB?
Maybe I shouldn’t use a Rollershutter item, and use instead two Switches items. Or maybe I should create Rules.
Or would I be better off programming a new item?
What is your opinion?

I have the same problem. Is there any solution so far? Did anybody check the rollershutter implementation? bug report?

I’m not aware of any problem, in question of knx / rollershutter item. Which actuator do you use?

Hi ,

I have the same problem I need a short press < 500ms is this possible ?

You can write a Rule that does something, then 500mS later does something else - is that what you want?

In question of knx, for rollershutters there are short and long-press actions (where long-press is up/down and short-press is step up/step down) As the rollershutter item in openHAB does not allow to steer blinds, there is no short/long press. You could solve this by using two items, one for up/down (short-press GA is used to stop the blind) and a second item for open/close blinds. As I don’t own any blinds, I did not use this so far, but I know, there are other users (especially in the german forum).

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Thank you for your suggestion. Which particular items did you have in mind? I’m not sure how this would look like in the sitemap / User Interface… Can you provide a link to the german forum post where this is discussed. I can google translate it :wink: