Rollershutter position only 0 or 100

Ich use the roller shutter item in my setup and a number item to check the value…

Rollershutter 	RollershutterItem 				"Roller shutter position [%d %%]" 		(gArbeitszimmer){modbus="<[shutterposition:11],>[testbit:0:trigger=UP,transformation=1],>[testbit:1:trigger=DOWN,transformation=1],>[testbit:0:trigger=STOP,transformation=0],>[testbit:1:trigger=STOP,transformation=0]"} //,>[testbit:2:trigger=MOVE,transformation=1],>[testbit:2:trigger=STOP,transformation=0]"}
Number 			RollershutterTest 				"Test [%d °C]" 			<temperature> 	(gArbeitszimmer){modbus="<[shutterposition:11]"}

The value of the number item is always right! But the roller shutter position is “0” or “100” independent on the correct value and it changes with pressing the up or down button. The input is a UINT16 between 0…100. From docs I know that the input for roller shutter position should be between 0…100 but I also tested 0…1 without success.

Where is my failure? :confused:


This might be as simple as needing autoupdate=false

Failing that, please confirm Modbus binding version in use - I would expect you have 1.10 or it wouldn’t work at all like that?

You are right it is 1.10 :wink: Thanks to the developer for that!


P.S. I will test the autoupdate tomorrow :wink:

Your hint to turn autoupdate to false disabled the 0% or 100% but did not fill the position with the right position / value. I will check ist with the developer of the binding.

Thanks a lot!

Did you check with the developer already? I am facing the exact same problem here. So if you found a solution I would appreciate you sharing it with me. Thanks, Daniel