Rollershutter Rules for automatic shading

on my house i have some rollershutter (east, west, north) and some jalousie (south). I already have automatic opening in the morning (by time) and closing (astro binding).

Now i want to get automatic shading on daytime, too. I have written down azimuth and elevation from astro binding the last days, so i know when to open and close the blinds on each side of the house.

But how can i control, if i have to do shading or not? I don´t have a weather station, yet. So i don´t have a lights sensor. I only have indoor and outdoor temperatur sensors.

How do you control your automatic shading?

As I don’t have a weather station, too, I make use of the weather binding and use the forecast temperature of the day. Of course, this is no very accurate, but as the roof is almost always way too hot… :wink: for me this is working like a charm.

I’ll second @Udo_Hartmann’s suggestion. Use the weather binding. I use the condition code from the weather binding to see if it is cloudy outside to control some of my lights.

If I were you, I’d rather use the temperature sensors (difference of outer and inner ones).
If possible, place the outside ones in direct sunlight.
You can "OR-"combine it with the weather binding, but I wouldn’t use that one exclusively. First, most weather data supplies can be unreliable at times or in some areas (YMMV, of course) and second, it’s not as-local as are your sensor and the sun’s heating effect.

Yup, shading is a complex thing. I myself am using a combination of light and temperature sensors, plus the day’s forecasted maximum (from the weather binding) to start shading even when it’s not hot yet.
Still it ain’t perfect. My wife keeps telling me every day :slight_smile:

I started with just two outside temperature sensors, one is always in the sun (on top of the roof), one is in the shade.
It was not sufficient enough to control the shading, so I added a lux meter.
Combination of lux and temp does it more or less …

Hi all

I use a combination between LUX Sensors and weather binding.
I check the the percentage of clouds and the max outside temperature to determine if shadowing is needed (I want to use the sunlight at cold days for free heating). Because the cloud information isn’t accurate all the time, I use an Fibaro Multisensor with LUX Sensor too. If the brightness exceeds its threshold, I activate the shading.
To determine which side have to be shaded, I use azimuth and the elevation.

A helpful website is
With it, you don’t need to write down all the times :wink:

This combination works very well…Free heating in the cold time and coll temperatures inside in hot period.


would you kindly show us your rule about this ?

Many Thanks.

Br Peter

Who do you talk to ?
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