Rollershutter - setting upper and lower limits

Hello and thank you all for the great work being done.

I am a beginner and I have openhab2 set up and running with my Graber CSZ1 rollershades (they are actually Bali Autoview but the device actually seems to be Graber CSZ1 as identified by paperui).

I received the shades I ordered recently but did not get the remotes from the factory as they are running behind due to COVID-19 and made a few mistakes with my order (missing remotes and some of the switches on some shades don’t work - ETA on replacements is a couple of months away). For the shades that do work, I accidentally reset one of the shades as I was struggling with how to pair it and it lost its upper and lower limits (well I finally learned how to pair them after I had to reset my Aeotec which seemed to be the root cause of the initial pairing problems). Now I need to reset the upper and lower limits for the shades. Per the instruction manual, I need to use the remote to program new upper and lower limits as it can’t be done without the remote. The process for setting the upper limit is essentially as follows (and lower limit is similar except you use the down button instead of the up button):

  1. On the remote press and release the up button and wait till the roller shade reaches its upper limit
  2. Press and hold the up and down buttons for 3 seconds (led on the remote will turn amber - then release the buttons).
  3. Use the up or down buttons to move the shade to its new upper limit.
  4. Press and hold the up and down buttons for 3 seconds (led on the remote will turn amber - then release the buttons).

I am not adept at “code” nor modifying by myself (without help) json or xml files. I do not know how to add a “switch” that would somehow simulate pressing the up+down buttons for ~3+ seconds; maybe 3.5 or 4 seconds to be safe (or via a parameter to specify how long to press). I suppose I also need a button that is not simply “top” and “bottom” but a single click “up” and “down” so I could increment the up / down movement with the sequential presses of the button to get the shade to the true upper limit. (Unless of course the top/bottom buttons on the control are actually the same up/down value then all I would need is the “up+down” value to poke to the shade).

I would think that this procedure requires sending the shade the proper value for each of the “up”, “down”, “up+down”. Is there a way to update the CSZ1 property at my end so I could add these channels and see if they work? Of course if they work, I will update the thread and maybe it could be incorporated into the device configuration.

PS: I believe it is useful to add this functionality into the device configuration so that one can simply toss the remotes which would really not be of much value if Openhab is working well and can completely replace them (i.e. one can stick to 100% software control).