Rollershutter (Switch) Widget on BasicUI Doesn't Show % Open

This is a follow up problem to an earlier problem that has been solved. Earlier topic is How To Find Cause of MQTT Problem.

After removing the 2nd channel from my rollershutter switch items, the widget on my BasicUI screen does not have a position value after restarting the system, only a dash “-” is displayed. Example shown…

This condition persists, even after the SONOFF DUal/Tasmota sends the periodic state/status update MQTT which contains the current shutter position. ONLY by moving the shutter does this “dash” get replaced with a numeric value.

All input appreciated.

Because you removed your ‘position’ channel,your Item now has no feedback from the device as to actual position. So your Item doesn’t get a state.

If you issue an openHAB command, OH’s autoupdate feature will have a guess at the likely outcome and update the Item’s state with this ‘prediction’. Then there’s something to see, of course.

But you no longer have a channel listening to that.

That is exactly why I added that 2nd channel…but doing so was the direct cause of the MQTT error of receiving a value NOT between 0 and 100 (the original issue of prior topic).

This seems like a catch-22. Note however that once the shutters are used the 1st time, the position reporting is accurate and updates as expected.

Well, let’s start over.

mqtt.fx monitors of what the tasmota sends.
Current Things, channel, Item definitions for your selected shutter.

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