Rollershutter with KNX


next problem… sorry again for asking so many stupid questions…

I have got some Rollershutter with blades.

Moving the rollershutter up and down works fine.
Also moving the blades works fine.
Only the State is not received.

Switch Raffstore_108_41_Buero “Raffstore Büro” { knx=“3/0/52+<3/0/55” }
Rollershutter Raffstore_108_41_Buero_Lamellen “Lamellen Büro” { knx=“3/0/52,3/0/53,3/0/75+<3/0/76” }

My KNX-Config is:
3/0/52 > up and down
3/0/53 > step and stop
3/0/55 > State of the current direction
3/0/75 > Bladeposition in Percent
3/0/76 > Bladeposition in Percent Feedback

Where is my mistake? The Feedback seems to be all the time 40.
By the way: My blades only can to the one half way, so the value is between 0 and 50.


Any ideas? Still havent got figured that out… :frowning: