Rollershutter Zwave Issues

I use 11 of Qubino ZMNCHD1 Zwave Flush rollershutter modules in my home. Since the day i installed them i never got a satisfactory result with OH2. Basically they are all same device, however;

  1. I have “NODE 7: Unsupported multi instance command version: 0.” warnings every half an hour for two of my nodes. I guess this is the polling period.
  2. I do have intermittent opening and closing of the shutters, only some of them and all random, when i send a command. i.e. I send a DOWN command, the motor starts and then stops, and then starts again and stops all by itself and so on until it close all the way down.
  3. When i send Group close or open with a switch with “Close All” or “Open All” it takes 10-15 seconds to act and some of the shutters never get the message.
  4. I do have frequent messages of “NODE 6: Already processed another send data request for this callback Id, ignoring.” for different nodes even tough i send no message.

Since resetting the module is a real pain, i did it once. And trying to include into the controller was another pain since press I1 3 times is a total lie, i used Domoticz using a laptop and a controller to include some of the nodes into the controller. Could this be a reason of my problems?

And also, does exclusion and inclusion using habmin also resets the module? I do not want to go into all trouble again trying to reset all modules with this press I1 3 times or shut down the fuse switch, open it and wthin 60seconds press I1 5 times or Press ‘s’ even tough Qubino clearly states do not use ‘s’ for 220V modules… I need some brief information about the controller inclusion end exclusion states, and what this process does on module side?


I don’t have a solution for you because I am also struggling with OH2, Zwave and those shutter modules. I have programmed them to close and open automatically on sunset and sunrise. This works most of the time but sometimes the commands seem to get lost on the way and I don’t know the solution yet.

However, I think it is important to first find out where exactly things go wrong. In OH, at the Zwave level or the module itself once it receives the command? For example, I have found that sometimes even the commands from I1 are ignored which has nothing to do with Zwave or OH.

What I found to be really important are the configuration parameters of the modules, especially the different power and delay threshold at which the module decides whether the shutters have reached their limit. I have increased those gradually. I guess this is due to the fact that each shutter motor model has different characteristics. It is possible that in your case the shutters stop not because they receive a Zwave command to do so but because the module has detected a slightly higher power usage and thinks that the blinds have reached the fully closed or opened state.
I am also wondering if OH would ignore DOWN command if it thinks that the shutters are already down. This could happen if someone used the manual switch and OH was not made aware of it (status report).

Regarding inclusion I struggled as well as it is not easy to press the I1 buttons so fast. This is until I learned form another forum that the reason Qubino does not allow usage of the S button is not a technical one but purely for safety. They don’t want you to electrocute yourself while pressing the S button as it is close to live contacts.

Hi Michael,

in the end i had to switch to Domoticz, which uses OpenZWave. I didnot bothered to reset or include/exclude all the modules. For the first time in my ZWave history, all of my modules are working stable and although as it is very hard for give up on openhab, i tried many stable and beta snapshots of the Zwave binding, and found out it is not working in my case with qubino ZMNCHD1 as stable.