Rollershutters group item does not show state based icon


i have a group defined for all my rollershutter:

Group:Rollershutter:OR(UP, DOWN) Shutters “Alle Rollläden [%d]”

Each individual shutter item is showing the correct icon based on the shutters state. But the group icon does not show me the correct state like “All up” or “All down”. It shows me the correct count value but it uses always the same icon.

I believe that OR(UP, DOWN) will cause the state of the Group to be UP is 1 or more of the members are UP and DOWN only if all members are DOWN.

How are you putting the Group on your sitemap? You might need to specify rollershutter as the icon on the map rather than depending on the default.

Also, the sitemap may not be smart enough to treat the Group as a rollershitter when it comes to the icon so try:

cp rollershutter-0.png rollershutter-down.png
cp rollershutter-100.png rollershutter-up.png

(or vise versa if I have what the percents mean wrong). The icons are in /usr/share/openhab/webapps/images on a Linux apt-get install.

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Now it works. Thanks a lot.

If i can contribute too…3 years later… but maybe it’s helpful for newbies like me

I’ve got the same problem resolve by this method
In the sitemap:

Frame label="Volets"{
		Default item=volets_cuisine										label="cuisine"						icon="rollershutter"
		Default item=volets_salle_a_manger								label="salle a manger"				icon="rollershutter"

my items

Group:Rollershutter         volets_salle_a_manger        "les volets de la salle a manger"              (volets_maison)
Group:Rollershutter         volets_cuisine              "les volets de la cuisine"                  (volets_maison)