Rollershutters stops operating with Alexa today, direction inverted

My Utterances
Alexa, raise the living room blinds.
Alexa, lower the living room blinds.
Alexa, open the bedroom blinds.
Alexa, close the bedroom blinds.
Alexa, set bathroom to <> percent.
are working correct with the setup I have posted above (in my case)

OK thanks. I fixed it with inverted=false and changed the sign to Lower=(5),Raise=(-5)

Now its consistent.

Next how to fix the unreliable stop command. I am wondering if the old workaround was better after all or changing to using halt instead of stop

Hi Guys, also my rollershutters work fine with new syntax now. BTW Did anyone got to work “room awarness”? It just worked a couple of times and I was really excited but now it’s not working anymore :frowning:

Have you tried to create an Alexa routine that reinforces the position stop command? That might do the trick.

FYI, the actionMappings metadata parameter is exposed at the PositionState attribute level, removing the need to fallback to the RangeValue attribute. That ability was actually added during the beta test based on @m4rk feedback :smiley:

alexa="Blind" [inverted=false, actionMappings="Close=DOWN,Open=UP,Lower=(+10),Raise=(-10),Stop=STOP"]
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Room awareness has been unreliable for me. It seemed to work best with amazon products but not my blinds and lights… making it pointless and I instruct guests to use the room name.

Will do. Just been getting back into this after spending a long time converting things over to oh3. My setup is complicated with many 100’s of items, scripts and lots of code… anyway… alexa integration has my focus now. Both the skill and control.

edit… created an Alexa routine for stop. Works perfectly now. Thanks Jeremy.

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Just setting [inverted=false] fixed it for me, thanks! What a strange thing to change without further notice…

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It is listed as breaking change in the last skill change announcement.

This was a necessary change to bring all voice assistant integrations in line related to Rollershutter items, and from my perspective, an unforeseen way to bring attention to the new metadata syntax :smiley:

Haha yes, you are right. I think most of us don’t follow the development that closely and didn’t even realize that there was an update. Anyways, many thanks for your work! This binding is a huge and important boon for OpenHAB.

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I also upgraded to OH 3.2 today. I’m using the default “Blind” Alexa class without any custom configs this time (I had before some with 3.1). Up, down, open, close are now perfectly working out of the box. But percentage is inverted like mentioned above and in the docs. I’m configuring using the UI only. Is it possible to only invert the percentage :D? Where are those metadata attributes like “invert” set via UI?

I only can talk about OH 2.5.

Via PaperUI (now in OH3.x it is called Main UI) you can configure all Things via UI.

There, go to your RollerShutter(s) and edit it.

There should be a switch for “positioning inversion” (or with a similar name) .

Hope this helps.

Hm I have KNX and there is no such option on the thing in OH. I would also expect something like this on the Alexa binding side on the item - since at all other places it works properly.

Have you tried to disable the inverted toggle? This won’t affect Rollershutter item commands.

Huh. How do you get into this screen :)? I was already wondering, although UI changes mentioned in the release notes, that I don’t see a difference compared to 3.1 on my side. UI says 3.2 though :thinking: .

Check that you are running the 3.2 stable version. Clear your browser cache.

Clearing the cache worked - how emberrassing :man_facepalming: Also the percentage is now working without ticking “inverted”. Veit happy, thanks man for all your great work and support!

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