Room Control - Different Type of lights

All my Smartbulbs are controlled over the HUE Bridge.
Some Bulbs are only “On/Off” (old Living Whites)
Some are Dimmable
Some are Color RGB
and some are RGBW

when i add all the lights to one group, i cannot control them. the only thing that is working is “On/Off” because thats what all have in common.
is i necessary that i have a group for all functions or can i somehow map the controls for exampe that a 0% dimmer is OFF and a 1-100% is ON?
Right now i have a workaround that i have a group for all bulbs that have the same commandset in common. But whats bothering me is… when i open the colorpicker sitemap tool and dimm the lights. its only dimming the color bulbs.
i dont want 4 items in the sitemap for the same controll… right now i need a Switch, a Slider, a Slider for ColorTemp and a Colorpicker for the same room and only the Switch can controll all…
thats not the way i imagine a smarthome.

There’s nothing to stop you presenting some “virtual” Item on your sitemap in the form that you choose, and having a rule interpret commands to that Item into different commands for other Items (that link to real devices).
For example dimming to <60% could command OFF to a group of on/off devices, as well as dimming dimmable devices.

but it’s 4 different bulbs and 4 types of input widgets so any HA system should provide access to 4x4=16 items.

RGB(W) devices usually have another brightness channel which is dimmer type.
Put that one (and not the color item) into a common group together with your dimmable mono color bulb channels.

What you can also do is link an item to two (or more) channels (of different bulbs).
Also search the docs+forum for ‘profiles’ and what you can do with them.

If that all fails use a virtual item and rules like @rossko57 wrote.