Roomba's lights do not turn off when IRobot Bingding is used

Hi all,

I upgraded to openHAB3 today and I am lovin it.

With that upgrade, I started to use the IRobot Binding.
Works really well and I was able to control my Roomba 671.

But there is one problem: Roomba’s green lights do not turn off, when he is back at his base :frowning:
They stay constantly on, till I uninstall the Binding.

Any ideas how to handle this?


Hi all,

I found a solution by myself:

The lights are on, as long as openHAB holds a connection to the IRobot.
(when you use the IRobot App, it is the same case).

Disabeling the “IRobot” Thing helps, and the lights switch off a few seconds after disabeling.
Sadly, disabeling an Item is only possible via an API-call.
Thus I added this code to my rule, when the Robot should be enabled for cleaning:
sendHttpPutRequest("http://user:password@openhabianpi:8080/rest/things/irobot:roomba:192_168_178_45/enable", "application/json", 'true')

After the rule execution I do send a false value with the same HttpPutRequest and everything is fine :slight_smile: