Rotary Knob Stand Lamp

Hello Guys,

I have a stand lamp which is controlled/dimmed using a rotary knob.
Currently i set it to the max lighting and use a smart plug to on/off, but i was looking for a better way to smarten it… any advices?

I guess the biggest question is…

Do you want to retain the rotary control

Quickly followed by…

What Home Automation tech do you have already that you can leverage?
IE is there a TP-Link lamp dimmer thing already?

I know it is a very late reply, but i have totally forgot about it and was away for long time from my summer home where i have this lamp.

For your two questions:

  • I would like to keep the rotary control if possible but not a must
  • I have zwave-zigbee-wifi devices but not TP link.

My problem is the stand is not an actual lamp, it is this stupid SOC LED thingy. I have tried a dimmer plug but it didn’t manage to turn it off completely (always still on) and the levels of dimming were messed up.
Any ideas would be appreciated

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