Router Misbehaving since I installed OpenHAB

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I installed OpenHAB2 on a Raspberry Pi 3+ few days ago and have been able to access it remotely from my desktop (WIndows 10). Since that very same day, I’ve been having intermittent yet frequent issues with my router. Sometimes the wired devices cannot connect, at other times it is the wireless devices that lose connection. Would there be any possibility that openHab2, and its access from Port 8080 is causing such issues? My router is a LinkSys EA8300

I tried another router, and the problem still persists. When I shut down the Raspberry, the issue seems to disappear.

How does your Pi get its ip address? DHCP?
If set manually perhaps it conflicts with your router or another device.

It’s on DHCP. I checked on Fing (an iOS App), and the IPs of my router and the RPI (openHAB) are different.

There is nothing about port 8080 that can cause this behavior. As Bruce indicates, the only time I’ve ever seen behavior anything like this is when you have two devices on the network trying to use the same IP address. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the same IP as the router.

I’m not sure Fing is going to be able to tell you this is the case because if you do have two devices with the same IP address, it will mess up Fing too, or at a minimum it will only show one of the two devices.

I suppose it’s also possible that there is something wrong with your RPi itself. It would almost have to be a physical problem unless you’ve gone out of your way to muck with your networking settings.

In all of these cases, the problem is outside the scope of openHAB itself and you will probably have better support from an RPi forum.

Or, less common, the same MAC address. Unless you have messed with that manually, ir should not happen though. They are designed to be, theoretically, globally unique.

Thank you gentlemen. I found what the issue is, and it was purely coincidental that it started at the same time I started with openHAB. The root-cause is that my ISP manages the DHCP IP addresses from their end, and lately they’ve been having issues. I tried 3 different routers, until my old ASUS diagnosed the issue to be with the ISP. Won’t name them here, but they offer fiber-optic service and relatively new to my area.